We live in a world of customization, why would we demand any less of our diet?

Diet Typing Systems (DTS) is an exciting new company that has been in the works for many years and was formed in part by Nancy Dale’s experience in working with over 10,000 clients who all had a specific type and many had health issues. DTS provides each person the ability to understand the optimum foods and lifestyle for them. There was no test out there that incorporated foods for a specific type, as well as for their health issues. Out of the clients Nancy has worked with during her career, less than 4% were able to just use the Diet Plan of the system she used “as is”.  She ALWAYS had to take red marker pens and restrict multiple foods from the Diet Plan while working on the imbalances associated with the health complaint.

DTS was created to do all of this for the practitioner.

DTS provides each person the ability to understand their most efficient energy production source.  Identifying the right foods to use for energy production is key to optimal health.  Learning how your body burns fuel and utilizes it in the most efficient, and also understanding the right foods to help heal health issues is vital for health and wellness.

DTS Partners:

Nancy Dale (Founding Partner and Managing Director):

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Nancy is a clinical nutritionist, co-founder of Diet Typing Systems, graduated from Bauman College and Natural Gourmet Cooking School in NYC, she is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer, yoga practitioner and Certified Chef.  Nancy specializes in permanent lifestyle changes through her programs. “We become what we eat.”  She has developed individual programs based upon Diet Typing along with any health challenges that might be present.  This information is used to develop customized plans to include the proper portions and types of food along with exercise and stress reduction so that you can heal your health condition and if needed lose 1-3 pounds per week until you reach your goal.  Once you reach your health goal we create a maintenance program so that you can permanently stay healthy for life. 

She has also created over sixty cookbooks for Diet Typing Systems which help you to learn what to eat.

Nancy teaches how to live in the 21st Century healthy. “Eat to live, not live to Eat.”  She is available for consultations, lectures, corporate wellness programs and individual programs either in person or online and resides in Santa Ynez Valley. https://nancydalecn.com/

Mark Anthony (Partner and VP of Operations):

Mark_MeetupMark has dedicated his life to helping people experience high quality health and fitness. The journey to optimal health is often personal. He recognizes that everyone is unique and must discover the remedies that work best for the individual. His 15 years of knowledge, working with hundreds of clients has helped his client’s identify and plan a path to successful health and fitness outcomes.

Mark Anthony did not plan on becoming a serial entrepreneur, but his good health has allowed him to become the owner of Prospect Fitness, Primo Health Solutions, a minority owner of Azul Restaurant and Lounge, as well as, the VP of Operations at Diet Typing Systems. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and success with anyone who is dedicated towards achieving their optimal health and fitness goals.

Charlie Jenks (Partner and Director of New Business Development): 


Charlie retired as a Colonel after 28 years from the U.S. Army in Sept 16 where he had a proven track record of utilizing his leadership skills to assess situations quickly and motivate those that he works with to accomplish our goals and objectives. Charlie is excited to have joined DTS to work in his passion field of nutrition and with a start up company. 

Charlie lives in Santa Cruz, CA where he also maintains a nutrition counseling business(https://www.charliejenksnutrition.com), he loves the area and the many outdoor opportunities. He has three children (19, 16 and 14).  After of life time of competing in athletic and military competition events like football, military competitions (US Army Best Ranger and Military Pentathlon), and triathlon and running races, he now regularly practices yoga(mostly hot yoga) and the internal martial arts, Stand Up Paddle boarding and tries to be in nature as much as possible.

Charlie’s education includes an M.S. in Human Nutrition, and a M.S. in Strategic Studies and attended the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Ignite Program. While in the Army he lived and travelled around the globe, and deployed two times to combat (both to Afghanistan) where he was awarded for valor (heroism).