Welcome to Diet Typing Systems™! 

Our system, using the latest scientific research, will help you quickly create
a customized nutrition plan based on your clients’ unique metabolisms and
primary health challenges.

We can help you solve a range of important yet complicated health issues,
including weight loss, increased energy, improved mental health, and much
more. Our business-to-business program is here for both you and your



Our online questionnaire, which takes about 30 minutes to complete, analyzes several traits to help your clients target their specific dietary needs. Based on the answers, we provide a two-page report, a color-coded list of 320 foods, and supporting documents with useful dietary tips for success.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it draws on forty years of proven nutritional 
research to help your clients find the path to a healthy life.

Become a Diet Typing Systems™ Affiliate and take the headache out of 
nutritional planning. That way you can focus on doing what you do best – serving your clients and helping them on their path to lifelong wellness!



We feel that people are often too disconnected from what they eat. They
may suffer from several ailments without realizing that food can be some of
the greatest medicine they have at their disposal. Our service helps
patients bridge that disconnect. As the saying goes, knowledge is power,
and that’s what Diet Typing Systems™ is all about – helping you educate
and empower your clients!

We categorize each patient along a spectrum based on the types of energy
that they utilize, or burn, most efficiently. This simplifies the science behind
the nutrition and gives your clients a quick shorthand to learn what they
should and shouldn’t eat.

With a customized nutritional plan from our

Affiliate Program, your clients will experience:

-Increased energy

-Mental clarity

-Balanced weight

-Improved health conditions

-Better mood and emotional well being


Based on the nutritional science of George Watson, Dr. Abravanel,  and information gathered from hundreds of studies! We’ve created a detailed questionnaire that takes about 30 minutes for your clients to complete, answering questions about their current diet, energy levels and health issues.

Using their answers and medical history, our state-of-the-art Diet Typing Systems algorithms generate a personalized nutritional regimen. A complete list of what foods they should eat, and in what proportion 

In order to help them feel better and manage their health conditions. This information is accompanied with supporting documents so they can see how the latest nutritional research affects their results and recommendations. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it draws on forty years of proven nutritional research to help your clients eat well to feel better.


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