Diet Typing System (DTS) is a diet testing company that provides a stand alone diet test that provides each person the ability to understand the optimum foods and lifestyle for them. Identifying the right foods and in the right proportions to use for energy production is key to optimal health. Learning how your body burns fuel and utilizing it in the most efficient way is vital for health and wellness. While our base product is the test, we also offer an affiliate program, nutrition education which provides you the knowledge to understand a nutrition and lifestyle process for both you and your patients/clients to achieve optimum health.

DTS also provides an Affiliate program that is truly unique in the health and wellness world. DTS provides you with a simple online test to determine the optimal foods that can be given by you to your patients and clients under your brand.


Please join the growing team of people who have changed their lives through DTS by identifying the right foods, in the right proportions and lifestyle habits for them to thrive.

You can take the test directly from this site or sign up with one of our affiliates.

Here are just a few of the ways adding DTS has and and will help people achieve optimum health and well being:


A healthy body feels amazing! The first response most clients have after following the Diet Typing System is that they “feel better”. Regardless if weight loss is part of your goal or is your primary goal, following the Diet Typing System will balance your body and mind. This balance naturally results in increased energy and positivity, leading to success in achieving your goals. Eating the right food in the right portions for YOUR body is powerful! First, you will feel better, and then as you achieve optimal balance, your overall health will improve drastically, helping to minimize or eliminate health issues.


Consistently feeling tired, sluggish, and lacking in concentration are red flags. Often our food choices and portions are the culprits that throw our body and mind off balance, thereby depleting our energy and ability to concentrate. Consistent lack of physical and mental energy will inevitably impede our ability to achieve good health and weight loss goals. The Diet Typing System provides you with individualized color-coded food lists that take the guesswork out of food choices and portioning, ensuring you eat the foods that fuel your body’s energy and optimize your mind’s concentration and focus.


Most of us have had the frustrating, and even torturous, experience of jumping from one fad diet to the next in the search for the one that will finally work. This system is not a fad diet. It is a healthy lifestyle personalized just for you. Our team’s collective years of knowledge and experience in Personalized Nutrition will help you achieve optimal health. Within 30 minutes, our online program will provide you with a Report, a Food List, and Supporting Documents to help you customize your personal dietary plan according to your body’s needs.


Successful long-term weight loss begins with restoring balance. Achieving healthy weight loss cannot be done starving your body to thinness, nor is it simply a matter of counting calories. Finding balance requires the right combinations of foods in the correct amounts that are best for your body. Our online personalized dietary system will support your weight loss success.


Cravings are indicative of imbalance, and uncontrolled cravings will derail you from achieving your goals. Our program does not require superhuman willpower to keep your cravings at bay. Rather, our system works with your body’s unique chemistry to naturally shutdown cravings. For most of us, this is a game changer!