Are you confused about what you or your patient/client should be eating and why?

With the DTS Affiliate program you will Expand your knowledge and grow your existing business.

If you are new to the nutrition field, this program is a low cost option to receive valuable information and learn a tested process to start your own business.  

Diet Typing Systems™ (DTS) offers an Affiliate program that is truly unique in the health and wellness world. DTS provides you with a simple online test to determine the optimal foods that can be given by you to your patients and clients under your brand.  To gain the knowledge to create optimal food lists requires years of training to master, not to mention constant investigation to stay current with all the latest research.  

In addition, creating a single personalized Diet Therapy protocol takes many hours of work to do correctly. With this much time involved, the cost is quite prohibitive. As a result, it is very rare to find a qualified Diet Therapy specialist, much less one who is also an expert at any other aspect of medicine, health, or healing. This is why Diet Typing Systems was developed. There is no other system that has created a formula that will allow each person to individually know what to eat according to their type and what to avoid or restrict as well as what to add to their diet to heal any imbalance.

As part of the affiliate program you can also learn a diet and lifestyle process from Nancy Dale, a Certified Nutritionist & Chef with over 40 years of experience and 10,000 clients, not only improving your life but the lives of all your clients as well.


Our affiliate program provides you with the ability to administer the DTS test and start the process with your clients under your brand and guidance.

This system (DTS) not only would take hours of research to assemble for the average health professional, the cost for the patient/client would be  prohibitive. With this easy online test the results are immediate and with the other documents attached it becomes very easy to follow.

Food is the foundation of life and we have developed a simple online test that provides personalized dietary protocols for individuals seeking optimal health. We offer a customized food list for each person. The food list also takes into consideration the foods to restrict or add for 47 health conditions, and 9 genetic considerations as well as 4 endocrine types. It would normally take hours for a practitioner to compile all of this information for the client/patient. We have done all the work for you. Along with the food list, there is a detailed report and multiple documents to help in creating meals, measuring food, recipes and cookbooks and a food log to help with your process. You can provide this great product for a low annual fee and test cost.

The DTS Affiliate Program provides you the following:

  • Personalized dietary protocols for individuals seeking optimal health
  • Customizes food lists to help heal over 49 health conditions as well as allergies and intolerances.
  • Detailed instructions on understanding your food list, creating and measuring meals, and a food mind body log to dial in the right macronutrients, and food item recipes and information.
  • Low annual fee and test cost.
  • DTS products enable the practitioner to improve their own brand with a personalized dashboard and all products will be labeled with the affiliate’s name. There will be no DTS information on the test results.
  • Additional training and mentoring to learn the process is available via webinars or in person for an additional cost.




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