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A personalized online diet typing service for physicians and nutritionists.

Diet Typing Systems is a unique personalized nutritional testing service designed to streamline the process of creating a customized dietary program for your patients. We help you figure out what they should eat!


Based on the nutritional science of George Watson, Dr. Abravanel, and information gathered from hundredss of studies, we’ve created a detailed questionnaire that takes about 30 minutes to complete. Using this information, we determine which foods will optimize your clients’ energy production and help them manage their health conditions. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it draws on forty years of proven nutritional research to help your clients eat well to feel better.




We want to see a world where everyone eats what’s best for their own unique bodies!

We believe there is a spectrum of energy burners: on one end of the spectrum are fat burners, on the other, sugar burners.

Each person requires a customized diet tailored to their place on the spectrum. Fat Burners require more fat in their diet for their optimal energy needs; while Sugar Burners need more carbohydrates.


Many fad diets try to force people to conform to diet dogma. Prescribing the same diet to everyone doesn’t make any sense. A Fat Burner is going to have very little energy on a low-fat, vegetarian diet, and a Sugar Burner is going to feel miserable on a high protein, low carb paleo style diet.


Our Affiliate Program is your remedy. We consider your clients’ complex dietary and health issues to create a diet that works for them.


With a customized nutritional plan, your clients will experience:


-increased energy

-mental clarity

-balanced weight

-improved health conditions

-better mood and emotional wellbeing



Your clients will fill out a detailed questionnaire, answering questions about their current diet, energy levels, and health issues. Then our state-of-the-art Diet Typing Systems algorithms generate a personalized nutritional regimen–a complete list of what foods they should eat, and in what proportion–in order to help them feel better. This information is accompanied with supporting documents, so they can see how up-to-date nutritional research affects their results and recommendations!



Researching and creating a personalized diet plan is difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we developed a system that quickly creates customized nutrition plans based on the latest scientific research.

Our physician and nutritionist affiliates pay for either an annual or monthly subscription, which provides them with access to our testing service. From there, they charge their patients and clients a fee to receive their individualized diet recommendation!

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