Learn a Diet and Lifestyle Therapy Process from Nancy Dale, a Certified Nutritionist and Chef with over 40 years experience and 10,000 clients.

Whether you are new to the nutrition field, or looking to expand your practice to include nutrition, Diet Typing System is the best program.

Diet Typing Systems provides a web-based questionnaire that helps people identify the optimal foods for them to thrive.

At DTS we have broken down our test results in three general types, Sugar Burner, Mixed Burner and Fat Burner and each person can be a varying degree within those types. 

Completing DTS training will help you understand how to interpret the test results and use the DTS system which will set you up for success by identifying the right foods.

You will leave the training with the ability to add this diet therapy tool to your existing practice and be able to build on this using your own protocols.

The course will be conducted either in person over two days or online in a web based format. 


Cost of the program: $995.


You will also have the option to purchase each module individually, but will only receive a certification once you have successfully completed each module.

Note: Classes broken down into 60-90 minute modules each week. Individual Skype sessions or group classes.


Course Information:

Module 1: 

  1. Diet Typing Systems background
  2. Science behind DTS
  3. Beginning understanding of the three types: Sugar, Mixed and Fat Burners

Module 2: 

  1. How to use and understand the test results
  2. Understanding the Health conditions, Intolerances, Adjustments and Endocrine Types
  3. How these changes the Food list and why.

Module 3: 

  1. Understanding the documents: Creating Whole Foods, Important Guidelines, Measuring Food and Your Body Mind Food Log
  2.  Questions and answers

Module 4: 

  1. Understand how the DTS system works to include the affililiate’s dashboard, Subscription etc.
  2. How to develop and create a business using DTS: Eight-week program, initial client interview: From the first interview, each session

Module 5: 

  1. How to advertise, create flyers, do lectures and social media, etc.
  2. How to find your niche audience

Module 6: 

  1. Review of all material presented
  2. Final exam for certification


Certification completion requirements: Each student needs to successfully complete/pass one client session with Nancy (or designated rep) and final exam to become a CDTS (Certified Diet Typing Specialist).


Please contact nancy.dale@gmail.com for questions or additional information.


Diet Typing System Background

To fully understand what “Typing” is all about we need to go back and understand the history that lead us to Diet Typing System.

It has always been confusing to scientists and doctors as well as patients and clients as to why some of us do well eating a particular way while others do badly eating the same diet. Each year we are bombarded with new “trendy” diets. The Zone, The Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan, Atkins, Paleo, and Ketogenics, just to name a few.

Each one works for about 10%-20% of the population. I would venture to say that each author of the diets listed above probably did well on their particular diet, and therefore, assumed that everyone would.

Then books and theory’s regarding biochemistry and individual diet plans began to immerge; Nutrition and Your Mind: The Psychochemical Response by George Watson, Ph.D.; BioBalance, by Rudolf Wiley Ph.D.: Metabolic Typing Diet by William Wolcott; The Nutrition Solution by Harold Kristal, D.D.S.; as well as the works of Francis M. Pottenger, M.D. and William Kelly D.D.S. Each of these books and theories was ground breaking.

This opened up a whole new way of looking at our dietary needs. What worked for one did not necessarily work for another: Biochemical individuality was coined by Dr. Roger Williams proved to be a game changer. However, figuring this out, proved to be very confusing. It was true that there can be no one diet that is appropriate for everyone, and “One man’s food is another man’s poison”. Without knowing your Diet Type attempting to follow a particular diet becomes a hit or miss, a matter of chance, or simply, unpredictable.

Finding out what food and in what ratio for each person was essential for health but there was something missing. Although this identified and discovered the right ratios of proteins, fats and carbohydrates along with the type of each of these macronutrients, this did not show you the foods to restrict or avoid or even add to your diet for specific health conditions.

Health conditions such as anxiety, type two diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disorders, psoriasis, are a few that need to restrict or eliminate certain foods as well as incorporating certain foods that will help in order to heal these imbalances.

This is where Diet Typing Systems was developed. There is no other system that has created a formula that will allow each person to individually know what to eat according to their type and what to avoid or restrict as well as what to add to their diet to heal any imbalance they may have.

This system (DTS) not only would take hours of research to assemble for the average health professional, the cost for the patient/client would be prohibitive. With this easy affordable online test the results are immediate and with the other documents attached it becomes very easy to follow.

-Nancy Dale, C.