Know what foods to EAT for you to live optimally…..and also what foods that help or to restrict for 49 health conditions. All in one online test!

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Food is the foundation of life and we have developed a simple online test that provides personalized dietary protocols for individuals seeking optimal health. We offer a customized food list for each person. The food list also takes into consideration the foods to restrict or add for 49 health conditions, 9 genetic considerations, and 4 endocrine types. It would normally take hours for a practitioner to compile all of this information for the client/patient. We have done all the work for you in one test  Along with the food list, there is a detailed report and multiple documents to help in shopping for food, creating meals, measuring food, recipes and cookbooks and a food log to help with your process.

The following is included with your Diet Typing Test:

  • Comprehensive assessment results which includes the Burner Spectrum Graph that will pinpoint your unique burner type so that you can optimize burning your food as fuel and not storing as fat.
  • Customized food list based on optimum foods for your type as well as which ones to restrict to help heal over 49 health conditions as well as allergies and intolerances listed on the test.
  • A customized food list with over 300 foods specific to your type.
  • Access to customized recipes designed specifically for your food list
  • Identify reactive food sensitivities to eliminate, that could be the major causes of body inflammation and weight loss resistance
  • Additional guidelines and documents included with program
  • Easy to follow food portion & measuring guides- No calorie counting required
  • Create whole food meals & How to prepare simple meals without using recipes
  • Healthy eating guidelines
  • Shopping guidelines
  • Body, mind, food log & reactions report
  • Correct negative reactions guide
  • How-to cooking guidelines; Fats & oils, herbs & spices, whole grains, beans & legumes

Bonus items included are a Cookbook and Food guide for your Type

This is the start of the process and the test results and supporting material will provide you with a tremendous base of information to help lead you to optimal health.

Here are the basic steps to success:

 1) Eat the right foods, and stop the wrong ones for you.

2) Fine tune the macronutrient ratios(Carbs/Protein/Fats)

3) Start supplements

4) and finally reduce blocking factors and toxic load little by little, and integrate program enhancers little by little. 

We have the typing test and process that will get you started by identifying the optimum foods for you. Your body is the ultimate test as to what type and how much of each food you should eat. 

Join the growing team of people who have taken the first step to optimal health by purchasing the DTS test. You can request to receive additional counseling and guidance from one of our advisors by using the “Contact” tab, and for an additional cost. 

Use the following link to open the DTS test dashboard website to purchase the test. 

Purchase Test Link


-You can use the “Pay via Paypal” link on the bottom left of the page to pay for the test: Note: you can use a debit or credit card without having a paypal account

-After payment you will be redirected back to the Merchant site(DTS dashboard)

-Enter passcode you received directly on the dashboard (or in a separate email) in the space that says “Have a Passcode”

-Press the “Start Test” Button to access the test.

-Please double-check that you entered your email address correctly or you will not be directed to the test site.

-In the Health Conditions section, you may select no more than one condition. 

-Do not select section Intolerances or Genetic Considerations unless indicated to do so. The food list becomes too restrictive if you select multiple health conditions or other considerations.

-Once you complete the test, please save and download a copy of “Your Food List” and “Your Report” to your computer.

-Begin to live a more healthy, optimal life!

Note:  Please take the test on a PC or mac.  Some people have an issue taking the test using a mac with safari browser. If you have a mac, I recommend you use another browser (google chrome works for most). This is temporary as we are working thru a glitch.

If you have any questions or an issue while taking the test please contact